Company Profile

POLYURETHANE DEVELOPMENTS was founded in January 1985 by Ian Michie, who is currently the CEO and retains 100% ownership of the enterprise.
No outside capital has been used to fund the operations of the enterprise. The enterprise was founded based on the industry need for polyurethane components that would reliably function when used in products that received extremely tough treatment in mining and industrial applications.
Using unique and innovative moulding techniques developed by Ian Michie in co-operation with raw material suppliers, Polyurethane Developments has been able to satisfy the demand and has quickly gained the reputation of producing high quality polyurethane products.
The enterprise has been profitable since it•s inception and expects to significantly increase it•s share of the polyurethane casting market within the next 5 years.

        The passionate staff at Polyurethane Developments

Our mission is to consistently provide excellent, functional  polyurethane products for technical and other applications through innovative ideas that satisfies customer needs, in an efficient, professional and friendly manner.


In support of our mission statement POLYURETHANE DEVELOPMENTS will pursue the following goals:
• To increase the awareness and perception of our technical
   products through product development, marketing and
   customer education.
• Concentrate on the technical aspect of the market, through
   marketing service and sales of our products and services.
• Invest in plant and equipment to maintain an innovative
   advantage in the polyurethane industry.
• Provide a stable work environment with enhanced
   compensation and opportunity for the advancement of our
• Implement management policies that will optimize profits
   without compromising our mission statement.

Specific objectives to support these goals include:
• Continue to enhance our existing products while developing
   new ideas and technology each year.
• Increase the technical awareness of our products and
   services in the marketplace by creating product technical
   bulletins for each product where necessary.
• To upgrade our plant by refining our existing equipment on
   an ongoing basis.
• Continue to train our workforce, send casters on training
   courses offered by raw material suppliers to enhance
   productivity and quality.
• Train factory supervisors and implement a working
   procedures program to streamline communication between
   administration, the production unit and the customer.
• Implement a factory maintenance plan that will ensure a
   clean, functional plant with an ongoing review procedure
   that is meaningful and measurable.
• Upgrade our existing ovens with new temperature
   controllers and circulatory fans for more efficient
• Achieve a consistent 25% profit return.




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